The Procedure

    Every injector has their own unique way of injecting but the basics are the same for all. The area that has been determined to be the treatment site must be cleansed with a topical antiseptic agent including the removal of all lotions and cosmetics. The injector will then inject the pre-determined product into the area. The products are injected as per the injector’s choice and product recommendations. This includes the depth of the injection, the injection technique, the amount to inject and the type and size of the needle to be used. In general the needle that gets attached to the prefilled product tube will be a small bore known as a 27, 28 or 30 gauge needles. Recently there has been a trend to use newly produced blunt tip cannulas (this technique is being touted to cause less trauma, therefore less bleeding, bruising and swelling) of equal size bore as the needles. Immediately after the injection the injector should apply light pressure to the treated area to limit any residual bleeding and therefore bruising. Then a gentle massage to the area follows assuring the proper dispersal of product to avoid lumps or bumps or other irregularities. The area will then be cleansed and in some case an ice application will follow to again limit residual bleeding and to reduce swelling. At this point the procedure is complete.