According to the dictionary a neuromodulator is “something that potentiates or inhibits the transmission of a nerve impulse”. In order for a muscle to move a signal has to go from the brain through a series of nerves and then finally to the muscle to cause a reaction (muscle contraction). This is accomplished through a complex series of events that are both chemical and electrical.



    The impulses, which originate in the brain, jump from one nerve (or neuron) to the next and finally to the muscle over spaces between them called synapses. If the impulse is blocked from reaching the right place on the muscle the (neuromusculor junction receptor) the impulse will cause a decreased or limited action. Image if you were trying to put a key into a lock that was plugged with a piece of gum. You wouldn’t be able to insert the key and therefore you can’t open the lock. Similarly if a chemical such as Botox, the prototypical neuromodulator, blocks the nerve’s transmission of an impulse to the muscle receptor the muscle will not contract. It is the continual use and movement of facial muscles that causes lines and wrinkles in the skin.