Xeomin is the trade name for the drug incobotulinumtoxinA from Merz Pharmaceuticals.


    Xeomin is an injectable treatment that is in the group of drugs called neuromodulators.


    Xeomin had been approved in the US, by the FDA, for cosmetic use in 2011. However, due to legal issues it is currently only available in the US only to treat adults with cervical dystonia (a chronic painful movement disorder of the neck) and blepharospasm (eyelid spasm). Use in other areas (cosmetic use) is referred to as off label use and is common place.


    This injunction against Merz is expected to be lifted by the second quarter of 2013. It is important to note that there has not been any safety or efficacy issues related to the injunction. Of note this same injunction has the same effect on Radiesse the dermal filler from Merz for new patients.


    Worldwide, more than 84,000 people have been treated with Xeomin injections. Xeomin is the first neuromodulator that does not need to be refrigerated before use, which may simplify distribution. Xeomin also has no additives, just botulinum toxin type A. This may mean that there is less risk of developing antibodies against Xeomin than other available neuromodulators.


    Within days after your treatment with you may see a marked improvement in the moderate-to-severe lines and wrinkles in the areas treated. The commonly treated areas are the frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead.   Lines continue to improve for up to 30 days, and results can last between 3-4 months. As with any cosmetic procedure results can vary patient to patient, injector to injector.


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