Price- Units/Areas

    To clearly understand the cost of BTX (botulinum toxin) you must understand how it is sold. Unlike fillers where you purchase as a fixed amount in each tube BTX comes in a bottle, the injector removes the amount that you need for your treatment. BTX is sold two ways; by the area and by the number of “units” used. A “unit” is a measure of BTX product. Each injector must decide how many units of BTX are needed to get the results you are seeking to achieve. It is best to understand the following example to grasp the concept. If you go to an injector to have correction of frown lines (the glabella) that is considered one area. In general to correct frown lines the injector will use about 20u (if using Botox) of product. Some offices will charge a set price for an area, generally between $250-$300 depending on the office and the location. Other offices will charge a price for exactly how many units are being used. Again the rates per unit vary and generally range anywhere from $10/unit all the way up to $20/unit. In the above example 20 units of Botox to correct frown lines would cost $200 at $10/unit. There are always “special” packages or deals available. You should keep track of how many units you received for future comparison. The other BTX products are similarly priced. Be aware that some products may require more or less units than others therefore you cannot compare the number of units you receive with Dysport and compare to Botox.