The Procedure

    Each office has it’s own routine for the procedure. In many ways it is similar to the injection of fillers. The injector will discuss what your particular concerns are. He will watch your face move as you talk and will ask you to make many facial expressions.
    From this he can ascertain the symmetry of your face, the strength of facial muscle and decide how much product will be needed. The proper amounts of products will be drawn up into syringes. The areas to be treated will be cleansed. Some injectors will mark the areas to be injected others will not. There is need for the injector to have a good understanding of facial anatomy. It is the skill, knowledge and experience of the injector that assures correct placement of the injection sites. The injector will identify the muscle(s) to be treated, determine where on the muscle(s) they want to place the BTX then carefully inject the product into the body of the muscle(s). You may experience some slight discomfort and feel or hear a little “pop” or crunching as the needle goes through the layers of skin and muscle. This is extremely common and has no clinical significance. When all the injections have been completed your face will be cleaned and sometimes ice applied. Your injector will give you follow up and post care instructions.