Self-Harvested (Autologous) Fat -
    Fat injections have been around for quite some time. Also referred to as fat transferring.
    It is a procedure similar to liposuction; fat is removed (harvested), prepared then re-
    injected to the desired location as a filler. There is no need for concern about allergy or
    foreign substance reaction as the fat used in the injection is taken directly from another
    area of your body.

    This procedure is technically more difficult, is more expensive, takes longer, requires
    more post-op care and presents more possible side effects and complications than
    any of the above products. It is most commonly done in association with those having
    liposuction or where large amounts of volume are needed, i.e. buttocks augmentation.

    During the transfer procedure up to 30% of the fat may not survive the transfer,
    therefore, results can be unpredictable and there is a need for a preliminary “over
    correction”. To achieve proper fill multiple procedures may be necessary. Due to the
    variability of fat transfer result can be short lived (weeks) to long term.

    The recovery period generally involves discomfort and swelling which may persist for
    some time. Antibiotics are generally prescribed to stem infection risks.